Interesting Facts about the UFO Sightings

One of the biggest conspiracy theories of the universe is the existence of the extra-terrestrial beings present on the earth. Science has a lot of conspiracy theories that are worth knowing about, and that is the reason as to why there are endless probing and research work on all these theories hoping that they will be proved true or otherwise one day. Not all of us believe in the idea of the existence of the extra-terrestrial beings. These extra-terrestrial beings are believed to have been in existence just from the beginning of time. There are theories like they will be better than human beings in terms of science and technology as well. Though this seems weird, evidence proves that they do exist. Yes, so here we are going to see a bit about these UFO sightings.

What are UFO Sightings?

The UFO sightings are nothing but the identification of the anomalies that are present on earth.  As long as science and discovery exist, we strongly believe that we have left no turned unturned add far as the earthy things are concerned. That is the reason as to why we believe that anything that is concerned as an anomaly is something they persons to a different world or as the arrival of an alien spacecraft. It was all a result of the analysis that people made to find out if there are other creatures or of the universe and if life can exist there. It is quite laughable, but anything that doesn’t belong to earth belongs to the alien world.

The contribution of Philip Mantle:

Many of us who are not into too much of science and anomaly might not be aware of Philip Mantle. He is a globally renowned person and is an author as well. Over the past years, he has spent a lot of time in analysing and discovering various factors that person’s to the UFO files. He has also had his own research work, and as a result, he came up with a lot of theories with regard to UFO long with photo evidence. Since he came up with a lot of theoretical and material evidence the government took up top 5 of his studies and decided to work on it and figure out the truth.

Other works:

Apart from the contributions made by Philip, there were also a lot of other people who came up with the concept of aliens and flying objects. People who work with radar system has stated that they identified non-human creatures, spaceships that have no relevance to earth and other such abnormal things.  People who are too much into photography especially during the night time have had the privilege of being too see a few of these anomalies.  Our satellites are capturing pictures of objects that are out of this universe, and it seems to send some pictures that are worthwhile. Apart from the earth and it’s surface,  satellites are also focussing on such anomalies. So these are the UFO sightings, and they are yet to be proved or disproved