Move Your Office Outdoors with These Helpful Tips

There’s nothing better than doing your work outdoors and experience the summer breeze under the sun. But in reality, it requires actual planning if you want to feel comfortable while working outside. And that’s the reason why you’re here in this article today. Below, we provided some tips and useful products to help your outdoor work productive and refreshing at the same time.

Before that, you need to consider these key things if you want to move your work outdoors.

  • Wi-Fi speed must be strong outside.
  • Check if there are power outlets available for your laptop and gadgets.
  • Plan for outdoor glare.
  • Make sure that the comfort and ergonomics of your outdoor furniture are passable.
  • A small table or work surface is needed if you plan to work outdoors for a longer period of time.

Working outdoors is like a breath of fresh air from the dusty, dreary, room you have indoors. But things such as Wi-Fi, power plugs, and other essentials that are usually available indoors are so hard to access outdoors. Sitting outside in your backyard also gives you weak Wi-Fi signal because you’re too far from the router. To avoid this, make sure that you’re Wi-Fi plan is fast enough to keep you connected even in outdoors. If you’re still experiencing weak signals, consider re positioning your router, invest in an antenna, or add another router that can act as a repeater to extend its coverage.

Different laptop companies advertise their products that it can last an all day long of usage, but in reality, you’ll be disappointed that it doesn’t work as advertised. This also depends if you’re a heavy or a light user though. Keeping your laptop alive helps keep productivity going too. If power cables are out of sight, a portable charging device that’s designed for travelers is also an excellent alternative for your outdoor work session. By using such, You’ll be able to maximize that screen brightness to be readable outdoors without worrying that your laptop might go dead.

Speaking of screen brightness, the sun is your laptop screen’s worst enemy. The bright sun outside produces so much glare that it’s impossible to see what’s happening on the screen. Consider buying an anti-glare film that you can stick to your laptop screen. Using this can reduce the reflections you see on the screen, making it easier to view under the sun. Some of these anti-glare films also feature different purposes such as privacy filters, which keeps your nosy sibling from seeing what’s going on the screen.

Furniture is also important if you want to feel comfortable for your outdoor work. Don’t just bring your office chair outside and expect it to work wonders. Instead, opt for an outside chair that’s designed for long workday lengths. It will make you feel good and look good at the same time.

For those people living in an apartment accompanied by a small balcony, the “balKonzept” is a handy tool that acts as an outdoor desk design to hang on your balcony’s railing. It takes up only a small amount of space and serves a great purpose while looking fantastic at the same time. For those who can’t fit a table for their small balconies, this one is the real deal.