Get The Most Out of Your Budget by Visiting Tokyo’s Free Sights

One of the world’s expensive tourist destination is Tokyo, Japan. With hotel and transportation prices soaring rocket high, sight-seeing in Tokyo is unbelievably cheap. So which places in Tokyo should we go to get the most out of our vacation? Here are 5 of them down below.

  1. Rainbow Bridge

  • The Rainbow Bridge is one of Tokyo’s famous bridges that’s built way back in 1993. The bridge connects the Shibaura Pier with Odaiba’s waterfront district. It’s over 700 meters long and being on the bridge gives you an excellent view of Tokyo. The Rainbow Bridge is perfect to visit during sunset because you can watch the city go to sleep as night time comes.
  • It’ll take about an hour to walk across the bridge, including the subway stations on both ends. It may take a little longer if you often stop to take pictures. The bridge has walkways on each side, with the northern side being the best one since you can see a perfect view of the city.
  1. Sony Showroom

  • Big electronic companies use Tokyo as their home for their new products. What’s even better is that Tokyo gets a chance to see and experience the latest gadgets before the rest of the world. And one of these companies we’re talking about is Sony.
  • The Sony Showroom is the perfect place to see and feel their latest innovations in the electronics industry. It’s located at the heart of the downtown, only a short walk from the Tokyo station.
  • Occupying four floors of the Sony building, Sony Showroom features all of Sony’s latest gadgets even some that aren’t even out in the market yet. If you’re a person that loves gadgets so much, then this is the perfect place for you.
  1. Meiji Shrine

  • The Meiji Shrine is originally built to honor the late Emperor Meiji and Empress Shōken back in 1926. Unfortunately, the shrine was destroyed during World War 2, and was built back in 1953. Meiji Shrine is a Shinto Temple that resides in the center of Shibuya ( a shopping district at the heart of Tokyo ). The shrine was filled with 120,000 trees. And the moment you enter the ground of the sacred shrine, it’s easy to forget that you’re in the middle of the world’s largest city.
  • Meiji Shrine had several large torii gates and surrounded by beautiful buildings. If you want to experience the most out of this location, it’s ideal to visit the shrine during the new year.
  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

  • There may be a lot of buildings to see Tokyo from above, but the one that stands among the rest is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. It’s the tallest building that sits at the heart of downtown Tokyo. It has two fantastic observation decks on the 44th floor of each tower where tourist can go to see Tokyo in full view.
  • The building is open from 9:30 am up to 11 pm every day. While the towers provide a beautiful view of the city during the night, it also provides a magnificent view of Mount Fuji during the day.
  1. Imperial Palace East Gardens

  • This place is located at the heart of downtown Tokyo and is the home of the Japanese Emperor Akihito. The palace carries a traditional Japanese style design that’s filled with lush gardens.
  • The palace itself only opens for two days a year. On the other hand, the East Gardens of the Palace are open for the rest of the week except for Mondays and Fridays. The Gardens has a lot of exquisitely manicured grounds, paired with historic structures that still stand tall this day, and beautifully pleasant–to-walk paths. It’s a great place to unwind for a little while away from the busy streets of the city.