Backpacking Tips: Where to Go and What to Bring

Backpacking is a lifetime experience you don’t want to forget. Maybe you’ve already done it before, and you already know the what’s and don’ts of such activity. But for first timers, backpacking can be a bit intimidating for them. What are you going to bring? Where do you need to go in order to fully experience the wonders of backpacking? Below, we provided backpacking tips that you probably need.

Picking the Right Destination

  • We can travel everywhere in the world, but which place is best to visit first? Is it safe? Does it cost too much? According to National Geographic, places such as Colorado, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Philippines, Eastern Europe, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina are some of the places where you can experience backpacking to its fullest.
  • If you’re a nature lover, places like Iceland, Argentina, Colorado, Canada are highly recommended. If you’re more of a beach person, then Mexico, Philippines, Thailand is the perfect place for you.
  • The safest place to go especially for women are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Colorado, Iceland, and Eastern Europe. Places like Zimbabwe, Philippines, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Turkey are the least safe places that you should double check. Visiting these countries in some areas requires you to be vigilant. This is because of political unrest due to different religious beliefs.

Packing the Right Gear

  • Backpacking takes a lot of time to travel compared to your usual trip to the beach or something. In order to prepare yourself, you must know how to pack smartly and take advantage of your luggage as possible without stressing yourself. Make sure that you have everything you need but also keeping them lightweight at the same time. So what should we do?
  • Backpack – a sturdy and solid backpack is your best friend for your journey. Bags such as Packing Bags or a Flight Bag is also a good choice too. Packing bags can be used to put your clothes while a Flight Bag acts as a protective shield for your backpack against damage and dirt. Also, don’t forget to put a tag on your backpacks so you’ll know it’s yours once it gets lost.
  • Important Papers/Cards – Of course, don’t forget the most important papers and cards to bring with you. Papers such as your airplane ticket, travel insurance, documents, copies of your driver’s license and passport are needed if you’re going abroad. Cards such as your debit card, health card, and credit card must also be brought too.
  • Travel sheet – Travel sheets are essential to bring since sleeping bags takes too much space to bring. Many people are considering travel sheets since they’re more easier to wash. Although you can still rent sleeping bags in different stores. When traveling to cold countries, it’s necessary to rent or buy a sleeping bag to protect you from the freezing weather.
  • Money belt – If carrying bags is not your thing, you can opt for a money belt instead to carry your cash and important documents around. It can also be worn around your neck and put a scarf around it so nobody can see it.
  • Clothing – Choosing the right clothing can help you save space and weight on your luggage. Choose a fleece vest over a thick sweater, leggings over jeans. Wearing pretty clothes is unnecessary if you’re going on a backpacking adventure. Bringing 5 to 7 pieces of clothes is essential so you can wear different clothing throughout your adventure. You don’t have to worry about that number of clothes. If you’re not lazy enough, you can wash your used clothes if you have the time. But be careful, if you’re traveling to another country, you have to be aware that they use different laundry products so the quality of your clothes may differ after a complete wash.
  • First aid kit – We may encounter dangerous paths as we go along the way, so it’s better to bring a first aid kit with you just in case. Medicines such as paracetamols, ibuprofen, diarrhea inhibitors, and vitamin tablets are also a must. Don’t also forget to bring betadine ointments, alcohols, clippers, tweezers to aid your wounds. You might as well bring a sunscreen to help protect yourself from the heat.

Destination Tips

  • Before taking off, check your bag if you’ve brought all your essentials. Your VISA is one of the most important thing to bring especially if you’re going to travel overseas. Another thing is to ensure that your money is converted to your destination’s currency. You can exchange money while you’re still at your country, or do it at the airport of your destination.
  • Booking your flight ticket and accommodations in advance can help you save time and trouble. This is very convenient especially for first time backpackers. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll meet other backpackers along the way. Which can give you tips and smart routes and where’s the safest places to go. You can also travel together if you don’t want to travel alone which is also a perfect way to make friends.
  • Another important thing to do is to know everything about a country/destination before deciding to go. This prepares you for any political and cultural differences that you might encounter during your adventure. Reading in advance can also help you see what sights and places to visit in a particular destination.
  • During your trip, it’s important to take everything slow and seize the moment. Best memories always happen from unexpected things. When you travel slowly, you can stay longer as you want in the place you’re in. Giving you the time and chance to explore everything and enjoying them at the same time.
  • And lastly, the last backpacking tip you should know is to trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, then it’s time to look for other safer alternatives. It’s important to take care of yourself so you won’t end up getting lost and being kidnapped or something. After all, you’re there to enjoy and experience new things, not to risk your life or go missing along the way.