Backpacking Tips for Women On Their Periods

It can be annoying where you’re having the time of your life backpacking on your country’s trail side, and suddenly your period starts to act up again out of nowhere. So what are we going to do when our bodies hit that time of the month? Well, it’s not that bad, as long as you’re prepared and have the right supplies needed then you’re good to go.


  • Tampons are your best friend when it comes to these. They’re handy, easy to use, and doesn’t need applicators to begin with. Off course, after using it you have to pack them up, not just throw them into the ground where you’re hiking. You don’t want other backpackers or animals to pick up your vaginal trash right? So how do we pack them?
  • Ziplock Bags – these things are great to use as a trash bag. It’s handy and not bulky like those large plastic bags you see everywhere. So whenever you’re done using a tampon, pack them inside ziplock bags so you can put them into the trash for later.

Diva Cups

  • If you’re sick of using tampons because you feel uncomfortable with it, a great alternative is Diva Cups. It’s like a disposable menstrual cup, only better. It fits into place and securely covers your area ready to catch those red tides. So why are Diva Cups amazing? Here’s why:
  • No leaks – compared to Tampons, Diva Cups don’t leak. If you happen to experience any leaks while using such, be sure to properly insert them and take time to learn using it correctly.
  • Can be easily cleaned – apart from being handy and easy to use, Diva Cups can be easily cleaned without hassle. Which is very convenient to empty when you wake up in the morning, while at camp, and finally before you go to bed. Hiking all day can now be enjoyable without worrying about your period.
  • No more TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome is a major concern for women who uses Tampons. It’s also present when using Diva Cups. But as long as you clean them regularly, you don’t have to worry about TSS too much.
  • Invisible – Diva Cups works like magic. You can’t feel if it’s there unlike Tampons. Making you comfortable during hiking, climbing, playing, etc.
  • No more trash – Unlike Tampons, Diva Cups can be used as many times as you want as long as you clean them properly. Say goodbye to carrying Ziplock bags for trash.


So there you have it! As you can see, Diva Cups works wonders when it comes to controlling your period. Say goodbye to uncomfortable Tampons and say hello to magical Diva Cups. Don’t forget to bring them on your trip and your area down there will thank you later.