Backpacking Tips for Lone Adventurers

Going on an adventure by yourself is an experience worth having. And it’s not just the type of adventure where you go for a short hike in your local trail; it’s the one where you can go lost yourself and wander by backpacking. You may be thinking that it might be dangerous to go alone, but this is part of the adventure. But before that, there are three key things you have to take note before you start your solo backpacking journey.

  • Pre-hydrate

  • Backpacking is fun, until you run out of energy. So before going on to your journey, make sure to drink plenty of water and bring a bottle of water with you. An average well-fed person takes about 45 minutes before the water they drank make its way down to the bloodstream. So it’s important to pre-hydrate yourself to keep you going during your adventure. Take note that you’re going off alone where no one can help you in case you’ll collapse or something. That’s why pre-hydrating must be on top of your priority list.
  • Get Some Rest

  • The best part when you go on for a solo adventure is that you have all the freedom of pace by yourself. No need to catch up with a fast-paced co-hiker, or slow down because of stragglers. It’s all up to you now. But the most important part when solo backpacking is to rest while you can. Don’t be afraid to stop for a moment and catch your breath after a steep hill hike, or find shelter somewhere and eat for a while before continuing your journey. Resting is crucial especially if you’re hiking in cold weather. The more you sweat, the colder you’ll get, so make sure to rest periodically.
  • One is None

  • The “one is none” rule is applicable when you venture out in the open alone. This term originated from the navy seals where you must carry two of any item for the sole purpose of back-ups. This is very important for your items that you bring to your journey. It will indeed take up more space on your backpack, but it’s that extra kind of weight that’s worth to carry. After all, we will never know if we lose something or not, so having back-ups is essential for lone adventurers like you.