8 Essential Backpacking Tips for First Time Women Adventurers

Traveling to the other side of the country, sleeping next to a pristine lake under the stars, while enjoying the breeze of fresh air of the mountainside is an adventurer’s ultimate dream. Your girl squad is probably doing this right now and posting photos of it on social media, while you’re just there thinking what to do with your life. But a backpacking trip doesn’t have to be tough. Start your backpacking journey today by following these tips for women and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

  • Go with Friends Who Have Experience in Backpacking

  • Going with friends who’s an expert in backpacking gives you tips on how it’s done, and also gives you great company as well. These type of people can guide you how to pack smartly, offer advice on how to lower your pack weight, and also encourage you to keep going to push your limits. Backpacking with friends not only gives you people to guide you, but can also create experience during your journey. So if you get home after an amazing trip, it doesn’t matter if your family and other friends can’t relate to your adventure. As long as you created an experience and shared good company with the ones who traveled with you is already an experience worth keeping.
  • Know Your Gear

  • Whenever you have a new gear or equipment for your backpacking adventure, always take time to practice using it before you go. Use your living room or your backyard, or even your garage to set up these items so that you’ll never have a problem while using them during your adventure. One of the most important gear we need to prioritize here is the tent. It’s always a good thing to set it up while you’re still home so you’ll never have the trouble setting it up once you’re in the middle of your trip. Also, learn how to pack your tent so that you’ll know which piece goes here and there.
  • Stay for One Night Only

  • Going for one night will help you see what gear you’ll actually use so that you don’t have to carry a large weight on your back. Doing so will also help you get used to your pack weight without experiencing body injuries such as hip bone bruises or shoulder rub. You probably set up your things inside in a certain way when it’s your first time, but you’ll eventually move them around to make it more organized and comfortable on the way back.
  • Only Bring and Wear Necessary Gear

  • Weather abnormalities can never be avoided every time we go on an adventure. In fact, it’s even part of the journey to experience such. Hiking and pushing your way through under the storm and heavy winds makes you feel like you’re the mighty adventurer Lara Croft. To keep you ready in times like these, always remember to pack only the necessary and useful rain gear to keep you dry and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to bring extra shirts and some sweaters to warm you up once you find shelter.
  • 8 Miles is the Limit

  • If you decided to carry heavy luggage with you because you want to stay for 2-3 days on your adventure, an 8 miles travel limit is ideal. Keep in mind that you’re still a beginner and you don’t need to do things instantly just to gain that ultimate backpacking experience. Always start things small and slow and you’ll eventually get there in no time.
  • Pack the Right Snacks

  • Don’t put your trust on granola bars too much; you’ll eventually end up being sick of it in the long run. These kinds of snacks don’t provide enough calories for your adventure, and their taste starts to get disgusting on day 2. Besides granola bars, here are some snacks you can bring to keep your tummy happy during your adventure.
    * Bagel with Avocado
    * Bagel with Peanut Butter
    * Home-cooked bacon
    * Cheese and Crackers
    * Apples
    * $1 Tuna snacks
    * Honey Stinger Waffles or ShotBloks
  • Be Prepared for Red Days

  • Don’t you just hate it when you’re on an amazing backpacking journey and suddenly, the red waterfalls start to pour out in the middle of your trip. A tampon is an excellent solution for this but it’s too old school. Not just that, it hurts, gets dried out quickly, starts to slip out and smell horrible. A great alternative is using “Soft Cups” which is better than tampons. Why it’s better? You can leave them for up to 12 hours, stays in place, and doesn’t smell. Keep a few ones in your bag and also some baby wipes to clean your hands and your area if needed. Don’t also forget to bring a Ziplock to use it as a trash bag.
  • Nothing Left Behind

  • Being outside doesn’t mean you have to throw your trash everywhere. Always carry a ziplock with you to store your garbage. They are handy, small, and easier to pack compared to full-sized trash bags which will end up leaking because of its fragile material that’s made of.