5 Essential Wallet-Friendly Tips While Traveling in Japan

If you’re planning to travel to Japan, your wallet will surely beg for its life. Japan is an expensive destination, and there’s no way to hide it. Ranging from $40 dorm beds to sky-high taxi prices, finding the best deals in Japan is a challenge. Despite these, there are still ways to budget your cash as much as possible while in Japan, here are some tips for you:

  1. Never Go For Taxis

  • We mentioned above that taxi prices in Japan are sky high, well it’s true. The first 2 kilometers is charged at 710 Yen which is equivalent to $9.25. What’s even worse is that the fair will add up to 30% after 10 pm, which is not ideal for people that like to stay up late. So it’s advisable that you should get back to your hotel by midnight.
  • If you can’t because you’re far away from where you are spending the night, it’s time to look for sleeping alternatives. You can opt for a capsule hotel bed to stay for the night which is around $35, which is cheaper than any taxi ride home.
  1. Consider Getting a Japanese Rail Pass

  • If you’re planning to travel almost all parts of Japan, then hitting the train is your best bet. Their trains are clean, efficient, and reaches nearly every corner of the country. What’s even best is that you can save a ton of cash by getting a Japanese Rail Pass.
  • A round-trip ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto will cost you about 26,000 Yen. On the other hand, a Japanese Rail Pass with unlimited 7-day train rides only costs 28,300 Yen which saves you a lot of cash compared to paying 26,000 Yen per day if you want to go between cities.
  • Keep in mind that you should purchase a rail pass before leaving because you can’t buy rail passes while in Japan.
  1. Eat at Convenience Stores

  • Not just the transportation, even meals in Japan are also expensive too. Even “cheap” restaurants like Yoshinoya can cost you around $6. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can save more cash by cooking your own meals. Although it can be tiring after a whole day of sightseeing, there are other great alternatives too. Convenience stores such as 7/11, Lawson’s Station, and Family Mart offer cheap ready-to-eat meals that you can grab without worrying about your budget.
  • Their price ranges from 250 – 450 Yen which is equivalent to $3.25 – $5.75. With this price, you can get a tasty meal from salads, sushi, pasta, and more. The convenience store staff will also offer to heat up your meal and even provide you with chopsticks. The only problem is that these locations don’t have enough seats. A takeout is your best bet when opting for this.
  1. Explore by Walking

  • If hitting the subway or taking the bus is too expensive for you, then there’s nothing better to use your feet to stroll around the city. In this way, you can save a lot of money and can also sight see at the same time.
  • Tokyo has a complex map system filled with street signs that are clearly named in English. You can use this to find your way around the city so you won’t be lost. But in case you got lost, think of it as an adventure. You might find new places that you’ve never seen before and might discover something special that’s not on the common path.
  1. Use Free Sights to Your Advantage

  • Japan may be an expensive location to visit, but some of Tokyo’s tourist attractions are entirely free. Yes, you heard that right, it’s free! Ranging from the fantastic view from the 44th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, down to the windy and breathtaking walk into the Rainbow bridge, experiencing Japan is better than ever because it’s free.
  • There are also other free sights that you can visit to fill your whole week such as the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, the Sony Showroom, and most of all, the Sensoji Temple.