10 Tips for Family Beach Vacation Trips

Family vacation trips to the beach can be very packed with fun and exciting activities and along with it, are the responsibilities and things that need preparation. From going on to different resort pools or beach locations to boarding and jet skiing, here are some tips that can help you have the best and worry-free family beach trip.

First Aid Kit

Small cuts and scrapes and insect bites are almost unavoidable when going out on a trip. Having a handy first aid kit then comes necessary and helpful to keep small injuries alleviated and sanitized. Aside from that, having a first aid kit can also help you enjoy your trip despite some small physical inconveniences.

Small Beach Toys

Bringing some beach toys like shovels, beach balls, or a frisbee can make your beach trip more exciting especially for the kids. Before heading straight to your beach destination, it might be great if you swing by at a dollar store to buy some toys for your trip.

Bring Two Bathing Suits

Since going to the beach means that there is a lot of swimming involved, bringing at least two sets of bathing suits might come handy or even necessary. It’s best if you bring another set for swimming since waiting for your suit to dry overnight is not reliable, which could ruin your trip experience.

Floaters or Lifejacket

If the kids are still young and not 100% confident in the water, floaters or a life jacket can make a huge difference in both the safety and fun factor.

Beach Bag

Having a reliable beach bag where you can put your sunscreen, towels, small books, toys, and others can come almost necessary especially when you’re transferring back and forth from pools to the beach or everywhere.

Reusable Bags

Bringing some reusable bags that come in different sizes can help you carry some stuff from the beach as keepsakes. For instance, you can bring some small rocks or shells with you, and use the reusable bags as containers for them. You can also use them to place your wet clothes apart from the dry ones.

Portable Activity Materials

Board games, cards, books, and others can also turn your trip into a more fun and exciting one. Aside from that, they can also keep your kids busy while you’re still headed to your destination, or it can also be a fun activity to do while you’re still in your hotel room.


Even the sun is usually tough on a beach trip, the hotel rooms are usually well air-conditioned, and even if there aren’t any ACs, it can still get pretty cold at night. Bringing some pajamas with you can help you have a good night sleep without having the discomfort of feeling too cold at night.

Family Photo Op

You can check if your hotel has photographers to offer. Usually, photo shoots are free, or if not, you can most likely buy a print for a reasonable price. This way, you can carry some memories with you back at the comfort of your own home and have it framed.


Since vacations are the time where the whole family is supposed to let loose, have fun and relax, it’s also important to be spontaneous. Take some side trips that are out of curiosity or something that came from the spur of the moment. This way, you will all take yourselves in some surprise and excitement, making your beach trip an unforgettable one.